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The ideology we follow is: We find us in a fast market and we need to change rapidly to remain competitive. To enable this we build our solutions with a high flexibility, the possibility to be prepared for the future and to learn automatically.
If you are not an IT-specialist or you have difficulties to set our solutions in your environment or to customize them, we enjoy to help you on it.
Following are some of our products:
Android Apps
FTP Client Password
It monitors your Webfarm, Datas and enables/disables functions. You can access your files on the server, change and save them back. You manage your passwords on the server and can retrieve them on your mobile. You can execute jobs on your mobile (scans, checks, etc.) in background. At the end your mobile is always on and remain an unused resource.
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ERP on demand
We are happy to introduce you to our new ERP solution. New concepts like "Industry 4.0" or new working typologies can not be arranged with a simple new version of an old ERP model and pretend that it functions. The software must response the speed of your business. No excuses. Our ERP is a facility (it is easy to use and it enhances your job) on the Cloud but it can be easily copied on an USB and connected to a server in only a bunch of seconds. Do you search efficiency and flexibility? What about if you can have the reports and datas you need? With us you can select a payment model like pay only the required storage on the server for your datas and use it (no software costs, no licences), or buy the software and administrate it your self.
You pay us only when you want to work with us, for example by the import of datas, reports customizations, extensions, integrations with other softwares/IoT or education.

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beonsoft-DNA program
This program is a research and development program. It help you to analyze your idea from numerous perspectives, discover its potential und develop it. It goes from software to automation, from research to Big-Data, etc.
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Workflow Designer
Draw your tasks and their dependencies as Data-Entities easily with a mouse or mobile (Thinks, Databases, Objects, Diagrams, Brainstorming, etc.) and trasform them in your own ERP or CMS. It is high extensible and performant.
Send us an Email for more Infos or a Demo.
>>Click on the following pictures for a View:
>>After you designed it, you can produce/ generate it (code, database, website, reports and more):
>>It can be quickly adapted to your needs!
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Competitivity Analyser
Strategical application to develop Visions, Strategies and Competitivity. Send us an Email for more Infos or a Demo.
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>>You can monitor a market region or see the position of your meta-activity to check if your strategy is correct and substantiable. Moreover you can weigh Companies and compare and classify them.
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Webcam Monitoring & Interface
Use this easy component to control your WebCam and monitor places or save images on your disk. You can after publish it on internet or save them on a database. The component can be used with any number of devices and easily integrated in your application.
>>Click on the following pictures for a sample:
  beonsoft FMEA
Failure modes and effects analysis (FMEA) is a step-by-step approach for identifying all possible failures in a design, a manufacturing or assembly process, or a product or service. It is an critical methode in both Risk Management and Quality Management. It is scalable and can be easily integrated to your ERP or Company (Risk, Quality, Personal, Financial, etc.) system.
>>Click on the following picture for a View:
  • FMEA Models
  • Failure Functions
  • Failure Effects
  • Failure Causes
  • Failure Controls
  • RPN Calculations
  • Reccommendations & Actions
  • etc.
  beonsoft Beneficts Analysis [Nutzenanalyse]
A benefit analysis is a process by which business decisions are analyzed. The benefits of a given situation or business-related action are summed, and then compared with variants. The costs associated with taking that action could be extended. This is an automatized application and it can be integrated with other systems. Datas are historified.
>>Click on the following picture for a View:
  • Assets
  • Factors
  • Variants
  • Targets
  • Calculations
  • etc.
  beonsoft Quality Management
The Quality Management Platform help you to increase the quality of your products and processes and the trust of your clients and suppliers. With it you can configure the granularity of your Quality Checks. You can set measures on products and suppliers (Quality-Preparation), plan (Measures and Processes) and control (Test-Planing) the tests, collect and evaluete your datas (Computed-Aided and Reports). You can integrate it to your ERP, to our beonsoft-ERP oder extend you Data-Collection with our beonsoft-DNA program (for ex.: Sensoric and Automation integrations)
  • Suppliers to evaluate
  • Products to check
  • Processes to define
  • Parameters to configure
  • Characteristics to test
  • Test plans
  • Data collections
  • etc.
  beonsoft ITIL
ITIL is a widely accepted approach to IT Service Management (ITSM). We developed a platform to map and extend its processes and give our clients (companies or professionals) the flexibility to easily adopt it through only Mouse-Clicks. Our clients together with us can customize the platform to better merge their own Business-Processes to it. On one side you will find intuitively the best way to use it and on the other side you can design it to maintain your unique processes and datas.
>>Click on the following pictures for a View:
  • Extension of existing processes
  • Add of new processes
  • Reporting
  • SaaS (Web Application)
  • Scaling of licensing and installation
  • Customizable menus
  • Support
  • etc.
  beonsoft Webshop
We have a great experience on E-Commerce. Demand it direct or expose us your project and we will advice you on the most pleasable solution for you. Near well known Platforms like Magento or Prestashop we can supply you with our own E-Commerce: dedicated und light. Special for fine tuned needs or high requirements.
>>Click on the available links:
  • Easy management
  • Customizable
  • Standard or specific
  • Owner or shared products offer
  • Data import/export Interfaces
  beonsoft SmartOffice
As the mobility make the work at the office limited, it is important to dispose of the right tools that accomany you and show and share the company datas at real time. It ist difficult to work with softwares (Apps or applicatins) of different manufacturers and merge them with expensive and not always performing interfaces. A unique package make an harmonious experience. With SmartOffice you choose an adaptive solution and you are the only one to limit it.

License models:
  • Financial Prognose
  • Office Time
  • Financial Prognose
  • Office Time
  • Project Management
  • Time Billing(*)
  • Employees Management(*)
  • Financial Prognose
  • Office Time
  • Project Management
  • Time Billing(*)
  • Employees Management(*)
  • Creditors Management
  • Debitors Managementt
(*) Coming soon

  • Extendable
  • Customizable
  • Web Application
  • Support
  • etc.
  Oracle Application Express - APEX
Oracle Application Express is a declarative, rapid web application development tool for the Oracle Database. It enables you to create database-centric Web applications that are reliable, scalable, and secure. End users need just a browser, application URL and their user credentials. We can first define together the data model of your business and later which is the best suitable graphical interface to interact with them.
>>Click on the following pictures for a View:
  • Interective grids
  • Registers
  • Menus
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Templates
  • Reporting
  • etc.
  beonsoft Reportings
This module is a stand-alone service which can reside alone on a separate computer or in the same like the application. It can be reached remotely and controlled through parameters or GET/POST (web methods) calls. You install it with an easy Copy&Paste and it already functions! It doesn't need any change of the existing application or IT-Infrastructure. It generates PDF which can be read from any computer or smartphone. Optimal for Sales inqueries, CIO/CEO reports on week-ends or System alarms in the night (it can be configured to send automatically reports).
>>Click on the following pictures for a View:
  • Platform indipendent
  • Easy to install
  • Modular and not invasive
  • PDF generation
  • High configurable
  • Reports design
  • Graphical and textual elements
  • Works with any database
  • etc.
In the folowing table, we try to show you, how could the same programm work in differents architectures and how could it reflex on indicators like Flexibility, Reachability and Cost. You can choose your prefered platform or let us to propose you one.

Technology Flexibility Reachability Cost
use on beonsoft
owner online application
owner online server application
owner laptop-as-server application
owner microcomputer-as-server application
client application
dedicated application
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